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Choose Home Care is the ideal solution for elderly or disabled individuals who want to maintain their independence and dignity by continuing to live in the comfort of their own homes. Our companions make their lives easier by performing many of the tasks which have become difficult and tiring.

Companions may provide a wide array of services and tasks, including:
   • Driving and/or accompanying the client to the physician
   • Shopping and performing other household errands
   • Reminding clients to take their medication
   • Providing hygiene assistance
   • Supervising ambulation and helping to prevent falls
   • Taking care of all personal laundry and bed linens for the client
   • Preparing and serving meals according to client's dietary needs
   • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen after use, including washing dishes after meals and mopping the floor
   • Making and changing the bed
   • Cleaning the client's room, which includes dusting and vacuuming
   • Providing socialization, friendship and support for the client
   • Going on walks and encouraging and participating in stimulating activities
   • Helping with correspondence to family and friends
   • Providing relief and respite for family caregivers

Choose Home Care recognizes the fact that certain illnesses and afflictions are more common to seniors. Therefore, we provide special training to our caregivers on communicating with persons who have Alzheimer’s and related Dementia, Hearing Loss and Aphasia, which ensures a higher level of care for our clients. If nursing or full home healthcare services become necessary, we can refer you to an appropriate home health care agency.

Additional Services Provided By Choose Home Care
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In Home Cosmetology for Seniors - Haircuts, Up Do's, Facials, Makeup, Nails and more.

Home Repair and Maintenance Service for Seniors - Discounted repairs and maintenance.

We also have a 24-hour Customer Care Hotline for clients and family members to call if needed.
Often times family members out of love will attempt to take over the responsibility of caring for a parent or a sibling themselves. Unfortunately, this generous act can put tremendous strain on their relationship. The family member can quickly become overwhelmed by the additional responsibility leading to feelings of resentment, while the receiver of care experiences guilt and diminished self-worth for shifting this burden on a loved one. A personal companion is the perfect solution for everyone.

Make the call that can improve your life or that of a loved one. Contact us today at 203 653-5122 to inquire about our rates and to find the perfect solution that fits your budgetary needs and lifestyle.

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